Témy Esejí kvalifikačného kola IPO 2017/2018

Kvalifikačné kolo IPO 2016/2017 sa uskutočnilo 12. decembra 2017 na FF KU v Ružomberku. Študenti si pre napísanie svojej súťažnej eseje zvolili jednu z ponúknutých tém. 

Témy esejí kvalifikačného kola IPO:

  • If life becomes hard to bear we think of a change in our circumstances. But the most important and effective change, a change in our own attitude, hardly even occurs to us, and the resolution to take such a step is very difficult for us. Ludwig Wittgenstein: Culture and Value
  • Aristotle’s discussion of the terms “beginning”, “middle”, and “end” apply to the narrative, to story-events as imitated, rather than to real actions themselves, simply because such terms are meaningless in the real world. No end, in reality, is ever final in the way “The End” of a novel or film is. Seymour Chatman: Story and Discourse: Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film
  • The habit of laughing at things is not detachable from the habit of judging things to be worthy of laughter. Indeed, amusement, although a spontaneous outflow of social emotion, is the most frequently practiced form of judgement. To laugh at something is already to judge it, and when we refrain from laughing at what someone nevertheless believes to be funny, we may thereby show our disapproval of that person’s stance. Roger Scruton: Culture Counts